Thursday, May 19, 2005

I want happiness.
Just plain.
Just love.
No more I can'ts, don't have times, I care but....
I would drop anything.
Only to be dropped for anything.

Monday, April 11, 2005

My mornings

Floating around
Finally it just pulls me,
Breaks that foggy spell.

I was just so much myself
Too much time has passed
Everything has become so different yet still the same.
A duality of persona that inexplicably
descends to an ending

I just fight and fight
Don't let me stay the same
Don't let it stay that way

When it's so hard to forget.
All I can do is remember.
All I can think of is how good it feels
It's just so far away,
How you touch,
How you turn this world.

It's so hard to leave
It's never easy.

I'm tired of giving up on things
I gave up on so much that others wanted me to do.
I gave up

Cause I still wake up in the morning thinking of you
Cause I still lie awake till the days pass by.
Cause I still love you more than I ever knew I could love a person.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

I saw some poetry tonight and I realized Frost is largely responsible for getting me into poetry actually. He was the first poet that I read that gave me goose bumps that gave me a sense of actually standing in his shoes. Longfellow, Frost, Thoreau, Emerson, James Taylor, Carl Sandburg, and Langston Hughes they started me In away I don't feel I've grown that incredibly much but style grows slowly sometimes. In a way I suppose I aspire to have something that will give someone those goosebumps that feeling of seeing and feeling what is going on.

yes I realize James Taylor is a songwriter but when he sings the words and the music are about one of the most beautiful things I've heard.


New spring morning
With a twist of faith
Tapping lightly on my window
Won't you let me in
The crazy dream that holds all I want

No darkness in the clouds
Lighter skys bringing in
That new world so bright and loud

Are you still out there fighting to breathe?
When it's so cold outside you try to find
The warmth of our dream,
remember that you're all I need.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

I hear art.
I hear the rain.
As it stands outside.
It knows my heart.
The cold breath from the open window.
Plays on the pen's paper.
Tears of atmospheric sorrow,
touch the sill.
Spreading a chill of on high
to a thunderous clout
that tears at the night.
And yet, still, I'm so bright.

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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Sometimes you just need one good weekend to make it all better.
And with another good weekend coming up I don't know of a monday I've ever wanted to come.

And what will morning bring?
A chance to do it all again.
To break my daily grind.
And give what helps me through it all.
What makes it worth while in the end.
This my blood, spirit, and love, I need.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

She is my rising sun.
She laughs at me and shines on my heart.

Lovely lady of this my life
Dance with me now.

Hold me in your sweet embrace
Let my soul rest with yours

One remembrance, One presence of yours
To bring dimples on my face to life

The pure light to my heart,
Is more dear to me than any.

Love me still when you are away from me.
Love me still when you can't see me.

This, my heart will hold,
And this, my heart will do.
Just to be with you,
Until the story's told.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

I would take all your pain
I would take all your sadness
I would hold it all for you
It's just pain it will be gone
It's just saddness it will subside.
It's those that we love that are who we are.
They're not to be forgotten but cherished
Once they are they will be.
And you are part of who I am and will be.